Arda Wigs Contest!

Just takes a second to vote! This wig has three wigs worth of hair in it, and took a lot of time! I’d appreciate the vote or the signal boost! I’m in third right now!

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Life Is But A Dream… 

Ahhh I’m so excited that I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with some amazing Cowboy Bebop cosplayers this Wondercon! We even did some silly Mushroom Samba reenactment photos! Enjoy!! 

[Unfortunately, I don’t know if Spike and Jet have tumblrs/fb/whatevers so please do let me know if anyone does know so I can properly credit them!]

kadanaad asked: HOLY POOPOLI gurl I was just reminded to let you know how amazing your cosplay was this weekend at Wondercon! Saw you during the jump rope competition on Saturday, and your Faye was flawless. That sort of wig always seems like it'd be such a tricky thing to tackle but you pulled it off perfectly! Just thought I'd gush for a bit and give you props okay toodles >u>

AHHH Thank youuuu~! 
I’m so happy to hear that someone appreciated my wig! I unfortunately rushed through cutting it that morning, but the widow’s peak was killer to do!

I’m super dying of embarrassment though… I was hoping no one witnessed my horrible jump roping LOL! Thank you again for your kind words, and I hope to see you at the next con! =D



The Cassandra Cain by Alex Pascenko 

hoolllyyy shittttt



The Cassandra Cain by Alex Pascenko 

hoolllyyy shittttt


Just a couple gems from the comment section of my “Can YOU Cosplay?" video from some folks who apparently didn’t get the memo.

Wow I cannot with the non-sensical things people think and say about cosplay… A person can cosplay anything they want for any reason they want end of story.
On the flip side of things, I’m really grateful for all the wonderful cosplayers who make videos like this with encouraging messages! =]

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